Cyprus: Almyra Hotel & Spa-aahhhh

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I have only ever been on summer holidays, but, escaping the British winter into the Cyprus sun in February was so truly amazing, relaxing and peaceful. Flying away from the morning frost, dark mornings and dark evenings, to all day sun, the hypnotic sound of the sea and no work worries for hundreds of miles just after Christmas is definitely something I will want (erm maybe more likely to need) to be doing more often.



Getting on a plane and jetting off into the skies, to climb the clouds into no worries and time to ourselves; me and my family had a super relaxing week off at the Almyra Hotel and Spa in Pathos, riiiiight on the seafront *defo heart eyes emoji moment*! This five star hotel was perfect; from the buffet breakfast, balcony bars, infinity pool, steps to the beach to the superb service!

I’ll just show you the hotel to make you just a little bit jealous of me…I seriously recommend this hotel to anyone wanting to go to Cyprus; with the harbour full of lovely bars and restaurants a two minute walk away, historical sites and the sea surrounding you, it is just a beautiful place to be.




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With sun, sea, infinity pools and breathtaking views whilst in five star bliss; a week away in February away from 20160218_114045494_iOShome, especially after some major lows in 2015 it was refreshing to get away from last year and start 2016 with tan lines, well, in my case some pretty embarrassing sun burn lines, oops!

As this was a spa hotel, it would almost be rude not to have a treatment, and as fabulous treat from my fabulous mother we both got facials at the spa and OH MY I SERIOUSLY DO NOT WHY I HAVE NEVER HAD A FACIAL BEFORE! It was by far the most relaxing experience of my life (well, so far at least) and it will no doubt lead to more facials in the future, I mean, my skin had never felt so clear, clean and amazing!


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I now have a serious case of wanderlust and the feeling of escapism is now definitely in me as I look forward to going to Rab, in Croatia in August and I have a serious addiction to looking into other beautiful places I wish to travel to! There will be more and more holiday posts creep onto LivMayFar in the future fo’ sho’.


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