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Fashion month has now strutted past us, along with the rule breakers of Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma AW’17 show in Paris. Clad in a patch work but totally works mixture of tweed, puffa jackets, small tops (if any) and a whole lot of attitude, Rihanna threw the rule book up in the air and out the window in an f*** you to all rules from school to fashion and more.

Our favourite good girl gone bad show cased her latest Fenty x Puma by having rebel-looking models stomping down tables in a room full of lockers; something I have certainly wanted to do in school to p*ss off my teachers and give them even more of a reason to not like me, hey, maybe me and Rihanna have something in common!

Not only do teenagers and pre-teens hate being told what to do by teachers, but being told how to express your creativity in any aspect is frustrating. Whether that’s someone standing over you and saying the piece of art you spent ten (what felt like a million) hours on is not what they wanted, having to follow a mark plan step by step so that you’re not allowed to exactly what you wanted to do, or having an industry¬†that still projects out of date ideas like people can be ‘too fat’ or ‘too thin’ to look good or really also how people should dress. Does that all sound hella annoying to you too? That’s why I loved Rihanna’s way of screwing up all the rule books that may well have affected her, and walk her models on tables and opening her show with the gap toothed beauty of Slick Woods wearing a long tweed puffa opened out so that her naked chest and machine gun tattoo were on show.

My constant girl crush who rocks it on red carpets with her tits “covered in Swarovski crystals gurlll” created an AW’17 line for Fenty x Puma that makes my bank account cry because I defo feel I could pull off an over sized coat over a sport-luxe style Puma crop and large button up trousers all in a school scarf style blue, white and yellow tweed. Goths with smokey af eyes, black lips and bright hair look surprisingly comfortable in white large off shoulder zip up hoodies, varsity logoed crop tops and opened button-up track suit trousers.

I really could go on and on about why I am loving the collection and the show, but wouldn’t you rather check it out yourself…

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