Louboutin’s Second Skin Shoes

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To own a pair (or a hundred) of red soles is definitely a life goal of mine, and probably of many others out there. And isn’t a classic nude pair of stilettos something that can be worn forever more?  So having a nude pair of shoes to match a wide variety of skin tones sounds great to me as it simply means there are more women of the world who could wear a classic pair of nude (and of course, Louboutin) stilettos!

Christian Louboutin launched his Nudes collection first off in the summer of 2013, and as it’s the first-of-its-kind collection, it has been a huge hue hit with women all over the world!

Offering a much wider spectrum of shades of nude than Louboutin or any other shoe designer has done before, there are now five shades that women have to choose from so that their shoes can match their skin tone more closely than a darker skin tones lady having the only option of a ‘beige nude’ heel; with shades Blush no.1 to no.5, suiting the light toned to the caramel and mahogany toned Louboutin lady.

Louboutin have always done a nude shoe, and as nude goes with everything; allowing a bright print or a bold bag or accessory to not overshadowed; and after a team member to Christian Louboutin stated that their skin tone wasn’t beige, this lead him to transform the nude from a colour to a concept.

“All women want longer legs” is the knowledge that inspired Louboutin the turn nude from a colour to a concept.

‘Inspired by the knowledge that “all women want longer legs”‘, Louboutin got to work creating a Nude collection that indeed all women could wear; and now, the Nudes Collection are best sellers across the globe.

I love that his royal shoe-ness, Christian Louboutin has created a collection that has taken ‘nude’ in the literal way which therefore means there is a nude shoe to suit the nude of all skin types.

With 10 Louboutin Nude nail polishes to go with, there is a polish that will match your shoes meaning you can look great in your Louboutin from finger tip to toe.

P.S. Ladies! Heard of the ‘Louboutin Nails’ trend? Get the red sole look on the underneath of your nails with the Loubi Under Red nails polish that they now sell, with a suited brush to make it easier to paint the under of your nail!
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