“Sorry Miss, you can’t shop here” – My Problem with High Street Shopping

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Have you ever been shopping and start looking at clothes in the petite or maternity section without realising you’re in that section, and then being super embarrassed because you’re clearly not petite and definitely not pregnant? Well I have, like every damn time.

And I don’t get embarrassed easily anymore, due to my constant clumsiness and the accidently-walking-into-doorframes or tripping-over-my-own-feet-in-public disease.

Unfortunately, my cheeks flare a shade of red that matches my Lady Danger MAC lipstick  and my feet pick up speed to quickly escape the petite section, before anyone sees and thinks that I am possibly blind and missing my guide dog. However, recently I feel like that walking into whole shops, not just browsing a small petite section.I feel like the whole brand of the shop is just staring at me, a size 16/18+ girl who clearly  won’t fit into any of their clothes, and judging me as if they’re watching me on Jeremy Kyle and questioning the amount of brain cells I have. All because they don’t cater to my size. And let’s face it, I know it to be true. None of their clothes will end up fitting me properly if I see anything I like, I just like to try my luck ‘cos ya never know.

If I can’t face the queue for the fitting rooms or am not wearing the correct outfit to easily change in and out of, I have acquired a bad habit. A habit that means I buy the clothes from the shop without checking they fit until I get home, and then finding out they’re too tight or my chest is wanting to awkwardly explode out before telling myself “I’ll keep it in my wardrobe and it’ll be my motivation to one day fit in it”. Of course, I never do lose weight to fit into it and instead end up passing it off to my friends (who have no issues when shopping for their size, super jeli) or to the charity shop.

I have now given up on shopping trips for the purpose of actually doing some purchasing, and instead now go more for inspiration; because I know that I won’t be able to buy anything that fits. So I go into shops, collect ideas and create mental mood boards before heading home and hitting the online shops until my hearts content.

ASOS is my absolute fav virtual destination, and now at least 70% of my wardrobe has been beamed down from the angels at ASOS. “Liv I love you shoes where are they from?” “ASOS”, “Liv those earrings are so cool” “Oh thanks yeah I got them from ASOS”. And major FYI, unlimited next day delivery for £9.95 a year is more than worth it, I must have saved way over a Ton along with countless hours waiting for parcels! ASOS unlimited isn’t the reason I am obsessed with them, although it is a contributing factor, it’s the wide selection of ranges and sizes. I can go online and definitely find my size in whatever it is I may be looking for or have accidentally fallen in love with. Even if my size is out of stock, I know that they would have catered for me anyway.

ASOS are waaay ahead of many other brands in my opinion; they do have a curve range (which is think is better named than ‘plus size’) but their main clothes range always includes sizes 16 and 18. Which for me is a bit of a hallelujah! Whereas brands such as Topshop don’t or very rarely stock above a size 14 in stores and have only just started introducing size 18 online; they only stock sizes 4-18 plus the usual petite/maternity/tall ranges. To me, this makes Topshop an inclusive brand that forget about the rest of the women size 16 and up, and is that really fair?

Do you remember when Topshop used those ultra, unrealistically skinny mannequins? Not even aesthetically nice.

But why am I being punished for being normal? The average size in the UK is a size 16 and that’s me! Yet like thousands of other women, I feel like I can’t go to a shopping centre and walk out with my hands full of shiny new clothes in shiny shopping bags. All because the shops don’t stock clothes in a big enough size. I don’t know about you, but I find myself finding endless size 8’s and size 10’s but I can never find a size 16 or 18, let alone what it would be like if I needed any size above that.

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