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Who doesn’t like feeling f*cking fabulous? *hair flick with those stabby af glittery af nails*

 Whether it’s by walking tall in those killer (literally) heels, purposefully catching your reflection in the mirror because you just can’t get over how on-frickin-point your make up is today or whether maybe you just let your hair down from its sleeping pony tail and oh how it effortlessly looks fiiine. We all have something or another that makes us feel fabulous. Amongst the above fabu-moments, for me, it’s also when I get my nails done with extra sparkle or extra point and boy does it make me feel good.

I used to be a serious nail biter and so naturally my nails have always been pants and something that I have tried to hide away. But not anymore, no no! I mean, I have nail extensions to add the length, but hey, they still look hella good. So good, that I am going to brag by showing you some of my fav nail designs that I have had; and after seeing them, you will know that I of course get bragging rights because…look!


Have I given you some nail envy here? As you can see, glitter is my favourite thing ever, so I almost never have nails without sparkling so much it could blind.

There’s always nail art inspiration ideas on social media, but I defo have my go-to pages to look at, because, well, we all need sparkle and good nails in our lives! And of course I wouldn’t let you go without, so I will share because these three nail brands love glitter as much, if not more, than me..

Cheeky Nails – IG @urcheeky – have set up shop inside the Mecca of Oxford Street; Topshop’s flagship store, as well as having other salons in London, the nail art they create is cute as hell and it would be cheeky of you not to check them out!


WAH Nails London – IG @wahnails – to me, it would be a dream to get my nails sasses up to f*ck by one of their seriously talented artists, based in Soho, London, the WAH nails brands in cool and not afraid to be loud ab0ut it.


Notorious Nails – IG @notorious_nails_ – This quirky nail boutique gives you nails that are exactly that; quirky af! Anything holographic, or unicorn you thang? Then head to them for some serious inspiration or even for some seriously amazing nails.


So may you and your nails slay every damn day! I hope your phone photo library is now full of ideas to take to your nail technician.

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