Tea for Two on Tour

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Why get someone a present they may not even like when you get buy someone an experience you can also enjoy?!

I always struggle with what to buy my Mum for her birthday, it used to be easier when she would expect my Dad to take me and my brother to the jewellers on to get some perfume the day before with his wallet; but now I earn my own money I try my best to get some serious daughter points with the presents I buy.

But what do you get the women who always says “I don’t want anything”?

imageBeing a sophisticated lady, and me being her daughter, me and my beautiful Mum love a bit of Afternoon Tea, especially if champagne is involved! And so when I came across the BB Bakery’s Afterrnoon Tea Tour Bus I had the perfect birthday present lightbulb moment; I mean, sitting eating cute little sandwiches and cakes with tea and juice whilst on a beautiful vintage double decker London bus whilst getting to see the sites of our amazing capital, just sounded like the perfect experience to treat my mother to. Oh, and also for myself, obvs.

At £96 for the two of us, bought online from Virgin Experience Days, we jumped on the open day vintage routemaster bus at Northumberland Avenue, just off of Trafalger Square. The sun was out, the walk there from Victoria was easy peasy, and when I got on the bus I was so glad there wasn’t just tea for me to drink (I’m so not a tea drinker – so much so one of the girls at work got someone to remake her a tea once because the one I made apparently showed that I didn’t drink tea, oops sorry), there was orange juice and coffee too. However, as soon as I sat down, my drink was not my focus, the amazing food was *loveheart eye emoji*!



The coolest thing wasn’t that we got to see all the tourist sites of London that sort of miss every time you’re only shopping, it wasn’t that people were waving at us from the outside because we looked hell a cool, and it wasn’t even that we didn’t have an annoying tour guide blabbering on, the coolest thing buy far was that we got to keep the ceramic takeaway mug from our drinks! Souvenirs or what.

imageLondon is such a cool city, I have all my life lived just an hours train ride away from it but never taken in the sites or the culture, but eating good food with my lovely mother whilst touring our capital city was definitely a brilliant day out, I couldn’t recommend it more.

The BB Bakery is a bakery that’s situated in Covent Garden, so if you haven’t had enough lovely mini sandwiches, quiche, macaroons or cupcakes on a bus, you can easily walk from Trafalger Square to Covent Garden (or hop on the tube if you’re lazy like me), to eat more cake. Can you tell I love cake?! And what better place to eat than in my favourite part of the city?,

My best-child-winning birthday present to my Mummy dear was obviously followed by shopping and cocktails in Covent Garden. Needless to say I am now definitely favourite child, not only that but I had a pretty good damn day. All hail Livi’s presents!

The BB Bakery doesn’t just have a bakery on Covent Garden, an Afternoon Tea Tourbus, but now they do an Afternoon Tea boat trip up the Thames! Is it time to get some serious best friends points now too?

Look at us, aren’t we cute!


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