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Hey, it’s okay to take care of number 1 sometimes! You could just be sick and tired of the same routine day in day out, hella missing your best friend or partner (I may or may not be guilty of building a ‘pillow boyfriend’ to cuddle up to when he’s gone home) or just really in need of some me time. Taking care of yourself is important, we may not always be able to afford to jet off to the sun to be on the beach with a Pina Colada; as much as that would be amazing for me right now; but doing the little things to be in our own little happy place every now and then helps more than you may know.

We may all look like we’re ballin’ and having the times of our lives on Insta or SnapChat but the reality behind that for many people isn’t all smiles and filters. There are alarming statistics that we can not ignore; 1 in 4 of us will suffer with some form of mental health issue, and the biggest killer of men in the UK is suicide; I know that we need to be able to talk about our mental health and look after ourselves. Talking to other people about what’s going on in our heads can be hard but something to help us get over that hurdle first, is looking after ourselves. Self-care is very important to helping with a positive mental state, so it’s the little things that matter.

Here’s an easy list of the things you can do to take a little time out and feel good; go on, treat yo’self!


One of my absolute fav things to do to chill the f*ck out, is to have a bubble bath. Fill the bath right up, pour way too much bubble bath, get yourself a glass (or have a bottle) of wine, get in and…ahh, relaxxxx. Play some super chill music, read a book, light a yummy smelly candle; ya know what, do whatever you want but just make sure you unwind  because when you get out – yeah you’ll be prune-y af – you’ll step out feeling like a refreshed person. We all know that washing your hair in the bath is too much agg, so the best way to get around that is to simply not wash your hair in the bath; tie it up and just don’t hassle yourself with that.


Grab your headphones and play your favourite music, whether it’s your best throwback album from way back when or your latest music love (for me you can never beat a Kisstory playlist), and just go for a walk. It never sounds like the most appealing thing to do but let your mind and feet wander into your own little world and before you know it you’ll be singing out loud and smiling at a beautiful view you have discovered or taking in a sight that you walk past everyday for the first time properly. Dawdling somewhere with me, myself and I can just help emptying a load of thought sh*t and clear your mind.


Go get your hair done. Get your nails done. Get your brows done. Oh hell go get a massage or facial too whilst you’re at it! THIS is serious treating your self and don’t forget that you defo deserve it. You’re probably the one who sees yourself the most, and when we stare our reflections the majority of the time we nit-pick the worst parts of ourselves – I am so guilty of this. And when all we see is roots, frizzy hair, brows that need sorting, nails that are grown out and skin that is just eurgh…then girl, go get it all done! Get a blow dry, get your nails all sparkly and pointy and step out that salon with a bounce in your step and you will feel hella amazing. *hair flick*


It’s not boring to have an early night, even on a Saturday! Step out of the bubble bath and slip into bed, wrap yourself up to create a human burrito and drift off to your own dream land. Getting a good nights sleep doesn’t just feel good but is good for you too; and especially good for the people around me as I am a grumpy cow when tired. Being addicted to a Netflix series and watching episode after episode until god knows what early hour of the morning just leads to us to dread our alarm even more, so sometimes you just need to get a proper good nights sleep so when your alarm chimes in the morning you don’t want to throw your phone at the wall. 

Lose yourself in another world entirely and get lost in a really good book. Get attached to the characters, fall in love with the author and learn to feel all kinds of emotions you never thought you could feel at once. This is the magic I find with reading a book, the stress of whatever is going on in my own world just evaporates as I try to step into the world of the book I have in my head. Giving yourself the time to sit and read shouldn’t just be a luxury but something you should always try and find time to do, believe it or not I now read more than I watch TV (binge watching Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t count here). Want a book recommendation? Ask me I have fallen in love with so many. 

Best of all, get together with your besties along with face masks, food and wine and talk to each other. Let go of what you’re feeling and share what’s on your mind. Close friends talk about a hell of a a lot of stuff so why should mental health almost have a wall up when it comes to conversations about it? Break down those barriers and share what’s going on and you’ll more than likely not be alone. Look after yourself and don’t forgot that self care is as important as sharing. 



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