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It’s International Women’s Day bitchessssss.

This one day in March may be ‘International Women’s Day’, however it’s not just this day we should be celebrating the women in our lives and around us that inspire us.

This is for all of us.

Our besties that stick by us. The friends who you don’t need to speak to everyday but who are always supportive, make sure you’re okay, keep you smiling.

For our mums. The ones how gave birth to us, and the adoptive mums, the aunties, the friends mums, the second mums who all give the best hugs and all give the best mix of reality checks and support.

Those teachers you could relate to and you actually listened to because they actually respected you as a young teenager and you wanted to grow to be an intelligent woman like them.

This day is for the female CEOs and the women who are working their ass’s off to be the boss.

The women who walk down the street with confidence and pride with the clothes and make up they wear and don’t care what people think, these are the women you admire when expressing yourself.

The women you follow, admire and want to do well on social media.

The women who do you hair, your nails, your lashes; who work hard on making you feel good and at keeping their businesses running.

Since Joan of Arc dressed as a man because as a women she wasn’t allowed to fight. Since the Suffragette movement and women who died for women who lived and the generations of females to come to have the vote. Since the women left at home during the wars kept the country going by working hard.

This isn’t just one day we should celebrate the women in our lives. This is a prompt to be the best god damn bitches we can and to help your girls be the best they can be and to bloody celebrate that!

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